Surprises and Adventure: Not Just for Christmas

By November 29, 2018 Christmas

Adulting seems to mean teetering between seeking the bigger, better, faster and more, and seeking relief and peace. It stands in stark contrast to what a happy, healthy child-like existence looks like: going 90 to nothing, full on adventure and rag-doll sleep. No teetering. Just two speeds: go and sleep.

But whether child or adult, Christmas season holds the promise of surprises and adventure. For the teetering, promise of what might be gained, whether gift or rest – either of which may be surprising and a welcome adventure.  For the child, promise of what’s inside a wrapped package and the adventures they can have with it. But what if you could live with that child-like anticipation every day?

As I was driving into work today, listening to my Bible-reading app travel through the Psalms, chatting with the Lord and experiencing His words washing over me, I suddenly felt the Lord prompting a call to call a dear friend I hadn’t spoken to in months.  I stopped my Bible-reading app and asked Siri to dial for me, and voila – my friend. A truly first-world kinda morning.  I told my friend of His prompting and asked ‘what’s up’? (A very spiritual question.) He was travelling on his way to two very important divine appointments – one for a board meeting for a local seminary and another to pick up a friend and fellow board member whose heart is burdened for a Jewish friend to come to know his Messiah. Both subjects, right up my alley. We laughed at how the Lord had arranged our morning agenda.

As I shared a bit about my journey as Jewish woman coming to know my Savior and how His grace was the most amazing part for me, it was like a miniature celebration. I shared how experiencing God’s grace had so radically affected me, stopping me in my tracks, some 20 years ago. As we expressed gratefulness to God for our friendship and hung up, I spent the remainder of my trip downtown asking the Father for the seminary to flourish and be full of wisdom and glorify Him.

The call was a great surprise. A wonderful adventure. 15 minutes of unplanned journey. Journey to the past remembering what He’s done. A peek under the wrapping of the gift He has for us today, what was on my friend’s agenda of eternal consequence. A glimpse into the future adventures, as we exchanged prayer requests. When I just listen.  Listen with my eyes and ears and soul.  When I delight in what He is and what He’s doing. Ps. 37. He gives me surprises and adventure.  Wonder and joy.  Even through pain and burdened hearts and the knowledge of my own shortcomings, I can have the adventure and peace, too.

No teetering. All in one package. Merry Christmas every day because of Who came to be with us on the very first Christmas and gave it all so that we could be in the fellowship of adventure with Him.

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