Santa Claus

Santa Claus

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We’re so busy. But lately, giving thought to what all the busy is for, reading friends’ Facebook posts, the latest “news,” and looking around my own household, I’ve wondered what we’re all really trying to accomplish. What are we after? Maybe that’s too deep for a Friday. Maybe the answer could be something benign like a nap, or mundane like a paycheck.

But what if our busy wasn’t just a scattered attempt at grabbing what we need in the moment but looked instead like a people filled up with all they need, overflowing all over the place, looking for people to pour into? What if busy for us looked less like achieving and more like just passing out more of what we already have? What if instead of living like we’re on a never ending shopping trip gathering stuff to make stuff better, our day looked more like Santa Claus’ agenda? I never believed in Santa Claus. Never. But as a metaphor, he works.

My prayer today is that my busy and yours will reflect the tremendous gifts received, overflowing and poured out rather than the desperate scratching of a person who doesn’t know they’re fully loved and fully accepted with new mercies and grace available, a hope and a spectacular eternal future. Eph 3.

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